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About Impeccable Warrior of Light

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings, Programs, and Services are a special offering from A Center for Peace and Healing, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by International Peace Shaman, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide essential Spiritual / Shamanic Teachings, Services and Tools to support each being in living as an Impeccable Warrior of Light, with Peace, Healing, Prosperity and EnLightenment, Impeccable Warrior of Light Healing Prayers, Ceremonies, Tools and Training protect and expand  the Light in all areas of your Life, resulting in quantum leaps in Spiritual Protection, connection to the Divine, Happiness, Balance, Health, Wealth and Peace, for a Successful Life and Soul Path. 

Our Life-enhancing, healing, consciousness-activating Spiritual Protection Services and Teachings are delivered through:

  • Spiritual Protection Courses detailing vital Wisdom Teachings, Shamanic Training, and EnLightenment Training for increasing your Awareness of the positive and negative energies within and around you, so you can protect your Light, clear your mind / body / Soul of destructive energies, and fortify your connection to your Higher Self, Divine Protectors and Spirit Guides;

  • Spiritual Protection Tools to augment the Light in your Life /surroundings / relationships, etc, and clear out negative energy blocking vibrant health / wholeness / Harmony / Prosperity and EnLightenment;

  • Spiritual Protection books and Mantra/Sacred Sound/Song albums, created by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song to EmPower you to live as a Golden Being, raise your vibration, Self-Heal, dissolve discordant energies, break free of suffering, and increase Serenity, Self-Love, Self-Respect and Self-Confidence;

With Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings, Holy Shaktipat Limpia / Soul Retrieval / Pranava Shakti sessions, Shamanic Training, Sacred Mantras, ecstatic music and EmPowering books, Peace Mother showers you with Divine Grace to experience Mastery of your Life and Path, by blossoming your Bliss, Strength, Clarity, Creativity, Self Confidence, Awareness. Wisdom, and many more Blessings!

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