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As an EnLightened Spiritual Master, Peace Mother understands every aspect of Life, human suffering, the Spiritual Path and your Soul’s Path. With Her thunderous Prayers, She is able to call forth Divine Grace for you, to help you break free of conditions that are blocking you, so you can SOAR to your Highest Destiny! 

To Purchase Prayer Sessions:

  1. Be sure to read our Medical Disclaimer before purchasing a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session. By making your purchase you are agreeing to the terms in the Medical Disclaimer.

  2. Choose one of the offerings below. 

  3. Write us at to request a session application.


If your case is accepted, you will be notified that you can go ahead with payment. After payment is received, we will email you the Preparation Instruction Sheet.

Note: Please read our Medical Disclaimer before purchasing a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session. By making your purchase you understand and agree to the terms in the medical disclaimer.

Remote Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

Powerful Healing Prayers and Soul Healing Ceremony for you, or your chosen recipient, conducted remotely by Peace Mother, at Her Holy Altar

.Remote Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayer and Shamanic Ceremony

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Single session: $300 USD

Package of 5 sessions: $995 USD

  • *If you require a payment plan, let us know and we will create a special plan for you.

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Phone Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions

Phone sessions with Peace Mother are rare opportunities. This session involves a call where you can share with Holy Mother the issues you are dealing with and ask questions regarding the energetics affecting you or others. During the call, Holy Mother will provide spiritual guidance and instructions on how to transform your situation. At the end of the review, Peace Mother will conduct the Soul Retrieval Prayer for you. 

To find out if Holy Mother is able to accept your case, before you purchase a session, write to us at to request an application for a session.​​

Single Phone session: $700 USD

  • *If you require a special payment plan, let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

  • Please contact us for pricing on multiple sessions

You deserve to live in Peace and succeed in All the Goodness and Greatness that is part of your Brightest Destiny. EnJoy your Life by amplifying the Light within you and around you. Take action today, to experience Freedom from suffering and abundance of Soul Happiness and Luminous Victories!

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