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About Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an International Peace Shaman, EnLightened Master, Master Healer, and embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe. Peace Mother, as She is affectionately referred to, is a Holy Medicine Woman donated by Spirit to heal Humanity and Mother Earth. Peace Mother has carried on the mission of Her Mayan Lineage, by conducting Soul Retrieval/Soul Healing Work, Peace Ceremonies, and Pranava Shakti Light Activation work, for people of all ages around the world, including healers, priests, ministers, Lamas, Shamans and other Spiritual Leaders.

Peace Mother is the author of The Impeccable Warrior of Light e-book series, and the  Shaman’s Art Journal e-book series. The Holy Mother has also created many albums of Sacred Mantras and Peace Songs, as well as other Sacred ToolsGolden Teachings and Soul Training. She shares Her Wisdom through interviews, our blog, and Impeccable Warrior of Light videos, social media, and podcast channels.

Peace Mother’s Joy, Faith, Spiritual Strength, and Devotion to the Light, is contagious, and Her Mission is to share the Sacred Science for living an EmPowered, Balanced, Beauty-full, Purpose-full Life.


If you are not able to meet Holy Mother personally, you can still experience Her Shakti, that Divine Essence, by applying the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Training that She has created. No matter where you are in the world, you can experience the Divine Energy of the Compassionate Multiverse, by studying Peace Mother’s Teachings. Doing so can infuse you with the Divine Enthusiasm, Strength, Faith, and Wisdom that She exemplifies.

So connect any way you can, because any contact with the Holy Mother is a Blessing that instantly uplifts, and can spark within you Happiness, Clarity, Courage, Peace, Self-Respect, and much more! Keep company with the Holy Mother’s music albums, books, videos, podcast, and blog, to receive the Divine Guidance from your Higher Self, that will align you with your Highest Destiny.

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I take Peace Mother’s Teaching with me everywhere I go – they are in my Heart as is She. Anyone who is able to be near Peace Mother and learn from Her, is truly Blessed. I would not want to think of where I would be if I had not met Her, but luckily the Divine is All Ways listening and when the student is ready the Teacher will appear. Just ask and you shall receive! Thank you, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, for Your Devotion to God and for Your Love! USA

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