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The Master Healer

Peace Mother is a Master Spiritual Healer – an Impeccable Warrior of Light – whose voice and presence overflow with Divine Grace. She has Mastered Sacred Sound Medicine, Energy Medicine, and Spiritual Healing to the Highest degree. Her Sacred Sound, Protection Mantras, Peace Songs and Prayers are charged with healing vibrations that are potently felt. 

The peak of Peace Mother healing vibration is felt through Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayers and Pranava Shakti Light Activation sessions, where She bestows the highest level of Vibrational Healing to your Soul.

Holy Mother’s vibration infuses you with showers of Light to EmPower your Faith, Soul Purity, Self-Love, Clarity, Creativity, Courage, Spiritual Confidence, deeper Devotion, and other Golden Virtues.

Profoundly restorative and uplifting, Peace Mother’s Divine Guidance and Healing is recognized as miraculous. Her Healing Work is the highest level of Energy Healing. As the Light infusions drive out dark energies, negative programming, and oppressive karmic influences, you can experience a Divine Transformation on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Whatever limitations you wish to be free of, and goals you desire to manifest, Peace Mother’s infusions of Divine Grace can activate the path to Success for you. 

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