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Holy Shaktipat Limpias

“Just as a whirlwind lifts and carries away debris, the Compassionate Legions of Light that I call upon during Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions and Pranava Shakti Light Activation sessions, quickly respond to clear out destructive, sabotaging energies from your Soul and Life Journey…so that Peace, Balance, Vibrant Health, Faith, Clarity, Enthusiasm, Determination, Happiness, Intuition, and other qualities elemental to your Highest Destiny, can expand triumphantly.”

 ~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

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Holy Shaktipat Limpias: The Fast Track To Peace, Healing, Prosperity and EnLightenment

When you desire greater Success, Clarity, Happiness, Harmony, solutions, healing, progress, and accomplishment in any area of your Life, it is wise to gift your Self Holy Shaktipat Limpia healing sessions. Peace Mother’s Prayers bestow Shamanic Spiritual Healing, to activate your Inner Light, raise your vibration level, and accelerate the blossoming of your Highest Destiny.

Holy Shaktipat Limpias boost your Golden Energy, to amplify your Life Force, heal, save, enrich and uplift your Life. As Peace Mother’s transmission of Divine Grace clears your aura of psychic debris and baggage that is weighing you down, space is created in your mind, body and Soul to experience breakthroughs and progress.


The Sound of Light lives in Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Peace Mother has the ability to see your Soul clearly and cleanse it of disturbing forces by infusing It with Brilliant Light. The Holy Mother was trained by one of Mexico’s greatest Shamans, Don Jacinto Tzab Chac, to carry on the Ceremonial and Healing Work of the Mayan Lineage. For thousands of years, these Shamanic Sacred Prayers have been effective in strengthening the Soul’s Light and Mystical Protective Shield. The Prayers Peace Mother will sing during your Holy Shaktipat Limpia session are brimming with the Love, Compassion and Mighty Power of Holy Mother’s Spiritual Lineage and Her Devotion to the Light. During your session the Holy Mother will petition that the perfect shower of Blessings be granted to you.


Due to Peace Mother’s Purity and Power, the Prayers She utters on your behalf are immediately heard by the Celestial Forces of Light, resulting in tangible, Life-enhancing showers of Grace that can open the doors to miraculous changes in your Life.


Endless Victories are available to those who choose

to embody the Light Triumphantly.

The key is to make wise, Self Honoring choices.

Today and All Ways, may you make only Radiant Choices.

~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Gift your Self these showers of Grace and experience the full Power of your Soul’s Light!

Holy Shaktipat Limpias can:

*  Bring Harmony, Clarity and Wisdom to relationship issues and other types of discord

* Heal Soul fragmentation and Soul loss, by amplifying your Soul Light Essence

* Accelerate the healing process for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions

* Create a change of Awareness, expansion of Consciousness, and increase in Spiritual Attunement

* Release the negative past, dissolve negative karma, addictions and other generational patterns

* Improve your luck, remove blocks, and open doors to material/Spiritual Success and fulfillment *Fill you with the Divine Strength, Wisdom, Creativity, Power, Balance, Self-Love and Peace, to triumph in your Life

*Connect you to your Divine Source of Grace, so you can live as a Champion of Light, firmly connected to your Soul, Spirit Guides and Divine Protectors. 


What results were experienced from Holy Shaktipat Limpias?

Holy Shaktipat Limpias have been used to assist with dissolving both short-term and long-standing conditions involving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Decades of positive results over a wide range of conditions, are too many to list, but here are just a few of the positive benefits received from Peace Mother’s Holy Shaktipat Limpias:

* Couples who could not conceive were able to conceive and deliver healthy children

* Material and Spiritual projects flourished

* Listed homes sold quickly and miraculously

* Legal, financial, career, relationship issues and other type of challenges were resolved

* Hostility was replaced with Harmony, mutual Cooperation, Support and Peace

* Concentration, focus, academics, athletics and creativity improved significantly

* Cancer, tumors, mobility issues and other illnesses were healed

* Patients in comas returned to full consciousness

* Phobias, addictions and other destructive syndromes removed

* Fear, worries, insecurities, eating disorders, insomnia and other symptoms of psychic attack were healed

* Autism symptoms, anger-aggression-hostility-arrogance-disdain entities, bi-polar demons, lust demons and other dark forces causing personality disorder were removed from the Soul

* Suicidal urges and depression were removed

* Weight-loss, rejuvenation and beauty are dramatically enhanced

* Inspiration, Zest, Joy, Love, Self-Respect, Courage and Devotion to God were kindled

* The Divine Connection to Angels, Spirit Guides, Beneficent Ancestors and Divine Protectors are deepened profoundly

This Ancient Healing Sacred Therapy is miraculous in nature and profound beyond words. We invite you to experience a Healing Session right away, while Holy Mother is still conducting them!

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