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What is a Peace Shaman?

There are different types of Shamans, and a true Shaman is an EnLightened Master of Energy. They are completely ONE with the Sacred Spirit and Divine Energy in all things.

A Peace Shaman is someone who ADORES The Light and is wholly dedicated to its expansion. A Peace Shaman contemplates and invokes the Light for all Souls, Be-ings and realities constantly, day and night.

There is no break in the focus or the Sacred Work of a genuine Peace Shaman. They are dedicated to working ONLY for the Good, ONLY for The Victory of the Light Forces in every situation. Their Faith in the Light is irong-strong. Their commitment to uplift ALL Souls and ALL Creation is unwavering. Their devoted connection to God and constant Spiritual Discipline is unbreakable!

A genuine Master Peace Shaman is recognized by All Creation as a Golden Heroic Being and is accepted by the Legions of Light and Compassionate Earth Forces as a Perfect Instrument for Good. Due to Their Purity, when a fully accomplished Peace Shaman makes a petition on behalf of someone, the Prayers are heard clearly and immediately by the Forces of Light.

While evil sorcerers invoke the dark forces to disrupt the Sacred Balance in Creation, the Wise, Noble Peace Shaman works in Harmony with God’s Laws of Compassion and Purity, to constantly release Humanity from bondage. In this way, a Peace Shaman works to protect ALL Souls from further enslavement to any form of negativity.

As a an EnLightened Peace Shaman, Master Healer, and Divine Mother embodiment, the Holy Mother is a Victorious (Victory-us) Champion: a dedicated Warrior of Light, who shields us from psychic attack. The Legions of Light rejoice (re-Joys) in the Work of a Master Peace Shaman and count on Holy Beings such as Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song to fortify them through Holy Shaktipat Limpias, Prayer Songs, Peace Ceremonies and other Sacred Offerings and Sacred Offerings.

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