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The EnLightened Shaktipat Master

Peace Mother is the highest level of EnLightened Master, which is a Shaktipat Master. This means She is One with the Divine Grace of the Multiverse, and the blazing Divine Light is activated in every cell of Her being. Shaktipat is the transmission of Light and Life Force, and through Peace Mother’s EnLightened state, She is able to bestow showers of Luminous Energy to you, to activate and amplify your Divine Essence.

Peace Mother’s infusions of Divine Grace, Light and Life Force can heal your mind, body and Soul by clearing you of negative energy, karmic patterns, blocks, trauma, etc… as well as fortify your connection to your Angels, Spirit Guides and Divine Protectors. As your consciousness and every cell of your being becomes more luminous, your Life becomes more luminous, and Happiness, Success, Joy, Balance, Bliss and Self Love permeate your perspectives, attitudes, experiences, and relationships. 

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