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In this album, Peace Mother and the Global Peace Musicians invoke the Divine Mother of Prosperity to bestow Her Grace upon you. The Power of Love and Devotion in these Sacred Songs is so great that it melts the hearts of the Forces of Goodness, compelling Them to answer your Prayers in the form of Boundless Blessings. Chanting or listening to this Mantra calls upon Mahalakshmi, the Great Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance to open the doors to Infinite Blessings. Repeating this Mantra opens the doors for you to create and receive Divine Prosperity and Abundance in any and all forms that are in alignment with your Highest, Greatest Destiny.

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Prosperity Mantras:
Opening Doors to Infinite Blessings

 Track Samples:

01-Om Mahalakshmi Chant
00:00 / 00:57
02 Om Mahalakshmi Namostute Dance
00:00 / 00:57
03-Shreem Lakshmi Ma Serenade
00:00 / 00:57
04-Shree Mahalakshmi Gayatri Mantra
00:00 / 00:50
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