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Spirit Guides Are With You! How Strong is Your Connection?

“Your relationship with Spirit is Eternal, mysterious and mystical. Your Destiny is to remember how Magnificently Divine you are… and to merge permanently with this Eternal Awareness. Lifetime after Lifetime, you choose to incarnate so you can have yet another opportunity to re-discover that Highest Truth and other Higher Wisdom related to your Soul, your Luminous Essence, your Power to choose… and your Sacred Duty to increase the Light in every instance. 

The Earth Plane experience is rich in challenges and one day, with the assistance of your Spirit Guides, you will be able to view obstacles as Divine Opportunities to strengthen your connection to the Spiritual Laws and your Eternal, Luminous Self. 

 In each re-incarnation, it is your Spirit Guides that help you expand your Spiritual Confidence, grow in Self Love-Self Respect… and align with the Eternal Wisdom of the Universe. It is your Guides’ Divine Presence and Loving EnCouragement that will help you live a Spiritually Purpose-full, Triumphant Life of Peace, Healing and EnLightenment. 

Your Spirit Guides are with you, fully present to assist you, but the question is how to connect with them in a conscious and consistent way. When you do arrive at a mystical comprehension of how They interact with you in Their efforts to assist you, your consciousness blossoms. To experience a quantum expansion in your awareness of the Divine Presence that is guiding every step of your Sacred Journey, immerse your Self in the study of the SPIRIT Teachings and Art Work.”


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