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The Mystical Power of Your Laughter

Infinite Golden Blessings dear ones...when something in your Life feels heavy or frightening, yiou are giving it your Golden Energy. In the face of severe challenges, it can be easy to surrender your Golden Power to the Demon of Oppression, Demon of Fear, Demon of Overwhelm, Demon of Anxiety, Demon of Confusion, Demon of Doubt, and other dark forces. The fast way to re-clarim your Luminous Power is to laugh at the challenge, and think/sing/speak/shout your Sacred Mantras and EmPowering Affirmations. The second you do any of these, you boost your connection to your Divine Spirit Team and your Faith, Strength, Determination, Creativity, Intuition and Calm are fortified.

In the next post we will post a song that you can sing to dark forces, to let them know they stand NO chance against the Light.

ALL my Luminous Love to you! I AM calling forth Endless Victories for your Light and the Light everywhere. 



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