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The Power of Your Determination

Impeccable Warriors of Light Live a Life of Luminous Determination. The saying exists, “God helps those who help themselves”, to remind us that along with the Divine Grace we receive, we must also apply excellent Self-Effort to manifest our goals and dreams. The Eagle flies with two wings, not one. Likewise we will soar to our Highest, Brightest Destiny with two wings: Divine Grace and Self-effort. 

Along with constantly invoking Divine Grace from your Divine Protectors, you must apply laser-like focused Divine Determination to blast past obstacles. Especially when things are not flowing smoothly for you, remember: Never give up, and never give in to negativity! Instead of allowing challenges to deflate you, invest your Golden Energy in consistently strengthening your focus, and cultivating your Impeccable Warrior of Light skills.

Divine Determination and Devotion are interwoven. Each one nourishes the other, and together, they carry you towards Luminous Success. Consistently apply the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Training, to fortify your Devotion to the Light. Then you can experience that deeper Devotion results in a deeper connection with your Spirit Guides. The greater the connection with your Spirit Team, the easier it is for them to infuse you with the Sacred Clarity, Wisdom, Inspiration and Determination that must be in place to dissolve the obstacles blocking your Highest Destiny. Apply stronger Self-Effort today! Don’t listen to the negative voices in your mind! Instead, chant Sacred Mantras, offer Prayers, sing Victory Songs and boldly affirm your Positive Affirmations, to sustain your energy at the most Power-full level. Keep going! Your Divine Protectors and I are with you every step of the way! JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

~Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song 


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